About Me

The Past

I wasn’t sure where my career path would take me, but I always had that massive creative streak, so Art College was definitely the right direction for me but on leaving college I didn’t seem to find a path, other than behind a desk, in an office. I worked in an office until I had my two children in 2003 & 2005. I loved to work hard but missed my creative side that was no longer being used. In 2006 though, Rachel, my best friend, and I started a small chair cover business called Venue Covers and we had been growing ever since, gaining knowledge and adding to our high reputations along the way.


Rachel and I separated, re-launching our own companies and Beautiful Bows arrived into the world in 2009.

We gradually added to the companies all the items that brides and grooms were requesting; ceiling draping, post boxes, fairy lights, starlight backdrops, carpet runners, bay tree’s and other magical items.


I love the buildings that we visit. I get to make them even more beautiful. Ceiling drapes for weddings and amazing chair covers. Wow! What an amazing job I have. We are now working along side such beautiful venues locally making each wedding individual to each happy couple that I have the pleasure of working with. I absolutely love my Beautiful Bows business and I hope you do too. We work hard to make everything special. We thrive under your instructions (or our suggestions/ whatever you prefer). I think back to the beginning to remind myself of how many times I have been soooo proud to be part of so many spectacular weddings and events. Some of the pictures that we now see on Twitter and PInterest – you know, stunning places, dreamy romantic scenes, country farms or forest scenes with the sunlight floating through the trees, I am now posting pictures like that, of wedding’s, like yours!

Weddings and Creativity, making all things lovely. A great team of staff who are indispensable friends now. Making so many brides amazingly happy on the most important day of their lives.