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Ceiling Décor, Draping and Chair Covers in Bedfordshire

Chair Cover Hire and Room Décor Accessories.

Very reasonably priced, professionally fitted Chair Covers in Bedfordshire and accessories for a spectacular look. With many years of experience, fast response and a noticeable difference in quality, we aim to keep every event special and different from the next.

Beautiful Bows hire Diamanté and Pearl brooches and variations of wonderful styles, linen, bay trees, wedding card post boxes, table, stairway drapes, Starlight Backdrops, Ceiling Swags, Fairy Lights and everything you could need to help transform room into a stunning venue. We can help create your magical day or event!

Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can help put together your own personal touch for your wedding day.

Our galleries are packed with images, inspiration and ideas that can help you along the way with your own wedding. We are helping with weddings all over Herts, Beds, Bucks or surrounding areas and we can also travel that bit further, if you wish. In these inspirational galleries you’ll find different styles of weddings and chair covers in Bedfordshire, backdrops and ceiling drapes, colours, theme ideas and unique styles, but contacting us will help move your wedding planning that stage further.

pushed for ideas?

Keep on changing your mind? Lacking some sparkle or character at your reception venue or need help with a specific area in the room that needs some attention? We have lots of ways of changing a room into something spectacular. Maybe you would like something classic and clean in appearance. To the other extreme, perhaps you would like a country barn dance? We will ensure that each wedding is perfectly suited to each happy couple. Why not enlist the help of an experienced expert that has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the day will run smoothly, leaving you to pamper and relax when you need to most.

no ideas at all?

Its ok. Talk to us, we will help guide you through what is possible. Just a colour is enough to work from, but often colours won’t materialize until you start the ball rolling. Contact us and we can help find a place to start. We have various ways of making each wedding special, based on a few hints of what you might be able to tell us.

You have lots of ideas

Don’t worry. We will fit your wedding as you want. We are accustomed to assisting with various degrees of perfection. It runs in our blood as well!

Styling Decorations ideas making each wedding day special